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Session signups

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    This signup sheet is for recording which sessions you plan to attend. Please observe the following guidelines:

    1. Add your name to an entry below to sign up for that session slot.
    2. Sign up for however many sessions you want.
      • Plot coherence: We encourage you to sign up with similar players across subsequent sessions when feasible. Doing so will aid in establishing "core groups" to help maintain plot coherence and continuity. We want to avoid the "uprooted" feeling that goes along with being quaked every single session (unless you want to play a character going through that).
      • Number of sessions: We suggest you try to sign up for at either the Friday or Saturday session of each session number, but you are welcome to sign up for more if you wish! We can easily accommodate any number of signups.
    3. Please sign up as far in advance as possible. You can always come back and update your signups later if your schedule changes.
      • Signups officially close for a session on the Wednesday preceding game.
    4. Plan for each session to last ~5 hours.
    5. Type of session will depend on number of signups.
      • 8-12: dual session
      • 6-7: either a single or dual session at our discretion
      • 4-5: single session
      • 3: either a single session, or canceled, at our discretion
      • 2 or fewer: session canceled
    6. If you wish, you can view the full schedule breakdown.

    Session slots below will be labeled with corresponding plotlines as soon as we have sufficient signups:

    • Gods: Will the world survive its metamorphosis, or fall victim to the doom foretold in prophecy? And does the party dare confront the gods themselves?
    • Ordering: Though Calanon at Tat'enda has now become a copper dragon, the other two Ordered areas at Intempestivus and Trimsaran have been perverted by powerful devil forces and are expanding rapidly.

    Resolved plotlines:

    • Demons: Demogorgon has been destroyed using the power of the balanced nexus, and Oraculum has been liberated from the demonic forces.
    • Empire: Whether the Regent is Ironheart or Dragontamer seems to vary with the flow, but both have pledged their support in taking Oraculum from demonic forces.
    • Guild: The doppelgangers of the Guild, known as the Brethren, made their last stand at Tat'enda, but were defeated in a battle involving Calanon, Mammon, and the party. Kith gathered the divine essence and reformed Melora, as well as cleansing the fiendish influence from Mammon, restoring him to his original angelic self.
    • Hells: The party escaped from the fighting pits of Nessus, but not before giving Mephistopheles the chance to enact a coup, and leaving Asmodeus in a very vulnerable position.
    • Missing: The missing people were discovered at Intempestivus, in what has become the City of Dis, and the party negotiated their release.
    • Nexuses: Mysterious new nexuses have recently begun appearing in the wastes—which the party discovered were infants bearing tiny embedded nexuses, sown by Paimon and Vance.
    • Plague: Nearly a year after the liberation of Oraculum, the infected mysteriously recover the world over, and Hell Rot is no more...
    • Underdark: The party has secured help from Baalzebul the Ebon Priest's warlocks, as well as the ghost of Emperor Dardanos Peacekeeper and his Champions of Bahamut.

    Name with a question mark (?) indicates tentative availability for a session.