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Durus Empire (martial ideologues)

Dardanos Peacekeeper – Dragonborn Emperor of the Durus Empire, now deceased

Valens – Newly crowned Emperor, nephew of Dardanos, a young boy

Aras Dragontamer – Marquis of Niflheim, now Regent as well

Leif Bloodletter – Marquis of Midgard

Ironheart – Marquis of Valhalla

Soren van Wagram – Former Marquis of Elyria, now deceased

Captain Kazian – Dragonborn officer who seems to be making a name for himself

Norns – The ones responsible for protecting the sequestered nexuses, and preventing any breach

Egorin – Grandmaster of the Heaven Fist at Manavendra; Za'har's master

Arrek – Master of the Twin Fists of Creation at Manavendra; Vashir's master

Hessia Jarlegg – Za'har's star student

Rory Beardthicket – Dwarven geomancer charged with the destruction of the Empire's remaining nexuses


Delphia (technoprophets)

Minerva – Plenipotentiary of Sollicitus (1st city); female gnome

Selwyn – Plenipotentiary of Intempestivus (2nd city); male gnome

Sibyl – Plenipotentiary of Oraculum (3rd city); female eladrin

Sidolphus - Plenipotentiary of Terminas (4th city); female elf

Vanya - Plenipotentiary of Arx (5th city); female eladrin

Artemis – Plenipotentiary of Factum (6th city); male eladrin 

Silius Vartarra – high geomancer of Arx; male eladrin

Jenna – high geomancer of Terminus; female dark-haired eladrin

Brobuun – Jenna's aide; male eladrin

Tallahassee Wizzlesnaps – high geomancer of Intempestivus, now missing; male gnome

Rudiger – high geomancer of Oraculum; carefully considers his words before speaking; male fire genasi

Talori – a geomancer of Arx who brought inverted nexus energy back from Fochlucan, instrumental in developing the Delphian inversion procedure, now missing; female blonde-haired eladrin


Arx nobility

Jessane Tal'Arabep – head of house Tal'Arabep and Gwenvyth's mother; has a dark edge to her; female gray-skinned elf

Lorinal Noroelwa – head of house Noroelwa and Rebin's mother; dressed in light colors, master lute player; female eladrin

Devin Truego – head of House Truego; confident and charming, well-dressed, carries a cane; gray-skinned male elf

Ziva Corosie – head of House Corosie; flamboyantly dressed in bright colors, talks in a lazy lilt, often with a smile; gray-skinned female elf

Doll Calizuko – head of House Calizuko; cool and logical; gray-skinned female elf

Felleen Zonnia – head of House Zonnia; soft-spoken and ambivalent; water genasi (with dark lines)

Captain Banthiel – eladrin lineship captain, one of the Delphian military

Thustifer Pennyweg – gnomish engineer; Banthiel's first mate

Lemeth Hawn – gray elf constable of Arx, a shadowdancer


The Fey (mystic nomads)

Saeldur – Nomad elders from various tribes; roughly, "The Wise"

Daermaethor ("great warrior") – male elven sael'dur warrior of the T'Sen; huge bonded gray render Taurion ("huge, giant")

Eglerion ("praised, venerable") – male elven sael'dur elder of the T'Sen; griffon animal companion Bregolien ("fierce")

Myl os Val – a monk from the T'Sen tribe who trained Ed

Calanon – Grand druid of the Harion tribe; now known as Jonas of the Bloody Pulpit


The Fochlucan Lyrists

Sophia Fochlucan – One of the New Yew Circle; Sahrit Fochlucan's mother

Erichs Goldsmith – Once one of the Yew Circle, no exiled from Fochlucan; priest of Tharizdun


The Tribal Hordes

Ojo Lanre, "The Vanquisher" – Fearsome tribal leader responsible for the sacking of Hanfield and many other war crimes; actually an Oni originally from the deep Wilds

Bolnarin – male half-orc chieftain of the Shattered Arrow tribe

Atria Velan – female goblin wind shaman chieftain of the Wind Tamers

Grogalik – male orc savage bard chieftain of the Bloody Thunder tribe

King Grugar – male orc rogue chieftain of the Blackspear tribe


The Underdark

Councilor Ch’shek Dob’y’slav (a.k.a. Kita Rosen) – head of House Dob'y'slav of Tane'klenya; hates Admatha with a passion

Sasha – tiefling magistrate of Tane'klenya; somehow related to Cameron Paige...

Derros Rholle (?) – an arrogant drow wizard of questionable affiliation; always wears a monocle

Jadia Bocio (?) – a drow assassin who works for Councilor Dob'y'slav

Matron Sh'chepan – head of house Sh'chepan, the most prominent house of Tane'klenya

Baltazar Sh'chepan – drow magistrate of Bael'turath; Matron Sh'chepan's son

Farazar Fiendgaze – master warlock of Tane'klenya

Boris – a tiefling geomancer, responsible for the inversion of most of the Durus nexuses



Corvidae – ancient deva cleric of the Raven Queen

Rices – female cleric contemplative deva who traveled with Egorin and Arrek

Shaell – male warlock rakshasa who traveled with Egorin and Arrek

Anne – an elf girl who serves the Raven Queen


The Gods

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