To: Deus Ultionis mailing list
Date: May 15, 2006 12:39 PM
Subject: searching the web site


I finally figured out how to add a full-text search box to the Deus web site. You’ll find it on the right beneath the login box.

Here are some notes from the TikiWiki documentation:

Also, please note that there is a security flaw in the search engine, causing it to partially ignore page permissions. It will not turn up any "GMs only" pages (unless you are logged in as a GM), but it will find pages that some users can see but not others, even if you normally could not. For example, if you search for "Session" you’ll see results including all three groups’ session notes, whether or not you are a member of that group. Fortunately, the search results only show a short blurb from the page, so you won’t be able to glean too much information this way. Since it is so close to the end of the campaign, the damage done by this addition is minimal in light of the usefulness.