To: Deus Ultionis mailing list
Date: Jul 8, 2005 1:42 PM
Subject: website feedback

Hi everyone,

I have recently learned that at least one person did not receive any of the last four emails I sent out (I am aware that many of you did receive them, however). Supposedly, Hotmail ate them. I am hoping this situation has not occurred with anyone else, but if you think you have missed any emails, please let me know. Before this one, I sent one private email to each of you with your login information, and three to the group about the website (initial announcement, confirmation of login information emails being sent, and correction regarding the player pages not allowing edits from you guys).

I have not gotten feedback from many of you about the site, but when I pestered people I’ve learned that some of you couldn’t figure out how to edit things. If that’s the case for you, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I want you to use the site. I do not want people to sit in the corner, hugging their knees as they rock back and forth crying silently.

Please, don’t be shy about asking if you are confused about anything. The bulk of the campaign information and planning is shifting to the website in preference to email, so if you don’t understand the site, it will be a big problem.

Thanks, -Curtis