To: Deus Ultionis mailing list
Cc: Eric
Date: Jul 5, 2005 6:41 PM
Subject: Deus Ultionis web site

Hi everyone,

It’s been a few weeks. You probably thought I had forgotten all the campaign. But actually, I have been planning and constructing the Deus Ultionis web site, now online at: []

(Actually, I redesigned my entire website, but that’s irrelevant to the campaign.)

I am using the TikiWiki system, which means that the site provides collaborative editing capabilities. I have created an account for each of you. If you log in to your account, you can edit your character’s public description, as well as view and edit your character’s private information. (If you are a GM, you can edit anything on the site, including the "GMs Only" section only accessible to GMs.)

I have created a Player page for each of you, listing your status (confirmed vs potential, if you aren’t sure you’ll be playing), as well as your preferred timeslots. Most of you have not told me your scheduling preferences, so feel free to edit your Player page and update that information to make it easier on me.

Each character has a public description page, a private page (for collaboration between that player and the GMs only), and a secrets page (for GMs only to discuss the character). As an anonymous viewer, you can only see the public description. If you log in, you can edit your character’s description as well as view and edit your character’s private page.

No public descriptions for characters are written yet (I leave that to each of you). But I have updated the private character pages with information about all concepts I have received so far. Let me know if your concept is incorrect or not listed (and please feel free to add or append character information yourself).

I will be sending out an individual email to each of you with your login name and password later tonight (probably some time between 10 and midnight).

Hopefully the information currently on the private character pages addresses all questions and concerns I have received in email so far, even the ones from the past couple of weeks that I have not answered privately. Please check it out, and let me know if you have any additional questions!