Vittorio Garibaldi's Secrets

Psionic ghost - soul knife

A descendant of Bobby named Vittorio Garibaldi. Doesn’t remember anything other than that he is psionic and human. But will quickly remember he was part of the Silent Syndicate when confronted by it.

Two factions begin to emerge in the Syndicate: an "enlightened self-interest" that will not self-destruct the Syndicate to serve Terrans, and a more sacrifical group that is willing to do so.

The sacrificialists were willing to assist the Caretaker in resurrecting Cain, and then sacrificing their own souls towards the construction of this device.

The preservationists were searching for an alternative, believing that bringing back Cain is a mistake, and thinking the Caretaker had no right to consume Terrans in this fashion.

Vittorio was the leader of the preservationists, killed to prevent his interference in the sacrificialist plan. The horrifying details of the Caretaker’s plan are only known by Vic and the sacrificialists. Vic was planning on telling others what he learned, and starting a preservationist movement against the sacrificialists (he knew many who would agree with his point of view). The sacrificialists are keeping a lid on the details and leading the Syndicate down a path of destruction for the "greater good" of humanity.

Vittorio was actually the head of the Syndicate, but McLean’s influence was growing. He went to confront McLean about the plan to kill large numbers of people to feed the machine, and tried to talk him out of it. But he had too much faith in his importance to the Syndicate. His bodyguards betrayed him, and McLean shot him in the back.