Vittorio Garibaldi

Physcial first:

Height 6foot-ish Jet Black hair, combed straight back. Wearing a Pin-strip DARK navy 3 peice, with a starched white color’d shirt, and a bright red tie. Almost looks like a banker’s get up. Shoes are immaculate dress shoes. Mostly Transparent.

Although he may hide it from you at first, Vittorio is a Ghost. He died, and is a little upset about that, and the person who did it.

Vittorio recently re-remembered some disturbing things from his past… things that change entrirely the things in front of him. It’s like when you stare at those magic pictures, and suddenly see the Sail Boat (Mall Rat’s reference). Suddenly parts of him self, what he can do, what he Is/Was come into focus. He’s been having trouble explaining that to his group, so that’s leading to his frustration as well, so when you meet him, he may not be the calmest person you’ve ever met, but if you speak with him for a few moments, there is a SCARY depth of calm to him, the calm of the predetor, the calm of storm (to get overly dramatic). How you take that is up to you, as Vittorio is rarely aggressive towards the individuals he will meet, but it is there, under the surface, non the less.

For those who have known Vittorio, he has suddenly become less transparent. Still easy for him to hide, but he’s gained a 30 percentile jump in oppacity. (w00t)

Vittorio also has a mini-Version of him that may or may not be around when you first meet him. When you do two things to notice: ONE: He looks EXACTLY like Vittorio does, except for the following, he’s wearing a stylish indiana-jones-style hat (i can’t remember the name) that matches his suit perfectly, and that he’s half an inch under the size necisary to be size FINE ( think 5.5-6 inches?)

Vittorio is a Psychic, with major melee combat powers… Yes, i know, a Ghost Combat character. WTF, right? That’s nothing if you knew the whole story. bwahaha

Anyone with conections to the MAJOR crime organizations might have a chance to recognize him. Otherwise, he looks like any other Italian-Gypsie-American who is a legitimate Buisness man…