Allen's Character's Details

This page will provide private details of Allen’s character, for Allen and the GMs only.

The concept

The idea is a psionic ghost, a soulknife, who remembers nothing about his past. As a soulknife, he can manifest psionic energy to manipulate objects in the real world to some extent. Probably will use the new Ghostwalk ghost template (but the original MM ghost template is also a possibility).

More thoughts

I was thinking that the Organization has been trying to improve the "stock" of their gene pool by using Bobby’s gene’s as the father for later generations, trying to breed the mystic back in, if you will. Nothing to often, but a few times?

If anyone is familiar with the Organization’s Family (aka Bobby’s line) would recognize the facial features, the straight back black hair, the sharp nose, the slightly peaked ears, tall, thin.

I thought that my character might have fleeting memories of when he first…. was here again.. or back here in another form, or whatever the hell happened. He remembers light, lots of light, and noise, and TWISTINGS… then flashes of coridors… screams of women, cries of men. Deep pools of darkness between. When we begin, i’d like it if he only very recenly got ahold of his shape, and has regained his conscious mind. Feel free to tye me into another character for the begining. I’ve got the feeling that my character will not have alot of say where he begins, all things considered. :D

He does not even know his name. He won’t know he’s a member of the Organization untill it’s mentioned, then it will be like, "Duh." if that’s ok. I was thinking all he remembers at the begining, is that he is human, a psychic, and that he is still here.

Personality-wise, he will begin pretty neutral. His personality will come out alot from the people that he meets while becoming a person again. He may do horribly evil things, he may risk himself for people he doens’t know, I don’t know yet.