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Some d20 house rules concocted by my friends and myself.

Mass Combat: Heroic

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This mass combat system is designed to model combat on a massive scale, in a simple way, while still allowing heroic characters to perform actions similar to those in regular d20 combat.

Sacred Protector of Elvenkind

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The sacred protectors of elvenkind are an order of elves who have pledged themselves to the protection of the elven race above all else.

Holy Sorcerer

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The holy sorcerer is a member of a society dedicated to protecting the innocent and preserving life. Holy sorcerers have the unique ability to cast both arcane and divine spells without preparation in advance, although their spell selection is extremely limited.

Defensive Weapon Usage

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The idea of a warrior who deftly parries every blow his opponent sends his way, striking out with swift counterattacks that send the opponent reeling, is a compelling one. Unfortunately, the D&D combat rules fall short of this ideal, providing only a mechanism for direct attacks, and not much in the way of defensive strategies or counterattacks. The following rules for defensive weapon usage are simple, yet offer a reasonable way of dealing with parrying, counterattacks, fencing-style fighting, and related topics.

Mystic Magic Guide

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Mystic magic is a flexible alternative magic system for any D&D campaign world. It can coexist with standard arcane and divine magic or replace it altogether.

d12 Combat System

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The d12 combat system is a (more) fluid battle model for D&D 3rd edition. It modifies the standard D&D combat rules to make combat more fluid and less turn-based. It also gives the poor, underutilized d12 some love.


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Dungeonopoly is a horrific Monopoly/D&D crossbreed, designed by Curtis & Kelsey Rueden, with additional suggestions from Jon Fish and others. The game is an extension of Monopoly, played with the same basic rules. However, each character on the board takes on one of four classic D&D classes—fighter, mage, cleric or thief—and uses his powers to thwart his enemies.

Mass Combat: Gridless

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In the d20 system, combat involving more than one or two dozen participants often becomes very lengthy, with each combat round taking an hour or more to complete due to the large number of actions being performed, and the complexity involved. This document defines a mass combat system—that is, combat between a number of opposing factions—designed to expedite such encounters while still giving heroic characters the chance to personally involve themselves in a meaningful way.

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