Dew Cup III - 3rd Edition D&D Tournament
Held February and March, 2003
Last Update: 27 April 2003

Latest news

  • April 27: Check out NOR vs Oz result!
  • April 3: More new match results! Curt vs Griffin, Griffin vs Oz and Jon vs Oz.
  • March 31: Check the match results for Curt vs Oz, Curt vs NOR and Jon vs NOR.
  • There will be a Team rules meeting once the Solo events are complete, to pick teams and finalize team rules.

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    Character creation summary

  • Allowed books: PH, DMG, MM and the five class books
  • 120,000 EP (16th level)
  • 50,000 GP
  • Buy additional GP with EP: 3 GP per EP spent
  • No templates (standard PC races only)
  • No scrolls, infusions, intelligent items or cursed items

    Please see the official rules for full details.

  •   Participants

    Solo participants:

  • Curtis (Mindbender)
  • Griffin (Cleric)
  • Jon (Fighter)
  • Nate (Ninja of the Crescent Moon)
  • NOR (Fatespinner)
  • Ozzyie (Elemental Savant)

    Team participants: all Solo participants, plus Alex, BillC, Clint, JasonK and Kyle.

    AndyR is this year's Arbiter.

    Tournament rotation

    The Solo Tournament will consist of a full round robin tournament. That is, each contestant plays each other contestant once. Ranking is determined by total score.

    Please see the rules for full details on what happens in the event of a tie, etc.

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