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Dance Dance Revolution

See my DDR records. Not that you should really care, since I still suck.

DDR Freak is a good place to find out information about DDR.

DWI Arrowsets

DDR East Invasion occasionally ran a tournament known as DDRei Tournamix, in which people create their own DDR stepfiles (for use with the DDR simulators Dance With Intensity and StepMania). I participated in the first four Tournamixes, and have posted my entries here.

My DDR Story

Thanks to No One Really, as well as the illustrious Anna for being an early adopter, I was exposed to DDR in early 2001. In November of 2001 I decided to get serious about the game, and prepared for a tournament to be held at Cyberstation in early December. NOR was going to be in town, and I wanted to impress him.

You see, NOR lived in California at the time, and was able to get into Much Better Shape by playing DDR daily. And consequently, he'd become pretty decent at the game by Midwestern standards. Not brokenly good, but still very respectable—the best in my state at the time, for example (although many locals have since risen miles above all of us).

I thought DDR would be a good way to get back into shape after doing nothing but sitting around since I'd quit Villari's the winter before. So, after hours of practice per day for almost a month, I had passed all the most difficult 3rd Mix songs, and had fun surprising NOR when he came to town by almost passing Ranking 3 SSR (Dead End got me towards the end).

Unfortunately, I had not yet learned one important DDR concept: turning sideways to cross-step. That's right—I was playing Catastrophics always facing the screen, and shuffling my feet extremely quickly to hit the appropriate arrows. Guess how much of a bitch Afronova is when you do it that way... ;-)

During the following couple of months, I decided it was time to learn Double, and practiced that for a while, until I had beaten all the 5th Mix Double Catastrophics in early 2002.

I've been playing less intensely but fairly consistently ever since. Once 7th Mix came out, NOR and I started making weekly 70+ mile trips to the nearest machine, just to play the new best DDR mode: Oni!

After conquering every 7th Mix Oni course except for Demon Road (although it's only that damn MaxX Unlimited that caused any trouble), NOR and I had the crazy idea of buying our own 8th Mix machine, which had just come out as of the 2002-2003 holiday season. That idea quickly raised the question of where to keep the machine, which quickly turned into the possibility of starting our own arcade and anime business.

But after much research and many months, we decided we wouldn't be able to raise enough capital, our location was too dangerous, and we still didn't have enough evidence that we'd be able to make enough money to stay afloat. Not to mention the fact that NOR and I aren't the most hardworking people in the world. (Well actually, NOR has been working his ass off to get through college while holding down a full-time job, so I guess it's just me who's not hardworking...)

But we still went ahead and bought an 8th Mix machine. The machine lived at NOR's for a few months, during which time I was too lazy to play very often, since I had to trek across town just to use the machine. Then the machine moved to my house as of mid-July 2004, and I trained hard for the next year.

As of spring 2005, I've AA'ed everything on Single except for Paranoia Survivor Max Heavy and Oni, and finished all the Oni courses except for Trick, Paranoia Bros (yellow version), and Legend Road. I'm currently concentrating on Double mode to build up my stamina. I also recently picked up a copy of In The Groove for PS2, which has truly humbled me. It'll be awhile before I can handle the crack that game is smoking...

When I played "doctor"