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I play tabletop role-playing games. My main interest lies in d20, but I have also played BESM, Burning Wheel, Changeling, Deadlands, Dread, Exalted, In Nomine, Mechanical Dream, Paranoia, Tales from the Floating Vagabond, and probably others.

The subsections on the left include information about specific campaigns in which I've been involved.


Eidolons is a D&D campaign I ran jointly with my friend Jon. We used Pathfinder with modifications. It ran from July 2009 until August 2010.

Deus Ultionis

Deus Ultionis is the sequel to Pax Artificium, set in the year 2299, using the d20 Future expansion to the d20 Modern rules, along with a healthy dose of Dragonstar. It ran from September 2005 through June 2006.

Pax Artificium

Pax Artificium is a d20 Modern campaign I ran from June 2003 through August 2004, set in 2033-2034. The site catalogs tons of information about past sessions, as well as important characters.


sometimes it feels like the future is here.